Friday, January 1, 2010

Fathers' groups

I have been told that some people have been sending emails about my blog to fathers' groups.

I have been sent an email from a website called dadsontheair and another called fathers4equality as proof.

I think this is a good thing.

I hope the men on these websites can learn something by reading my blog.

I hope you can see how mother's feel about their kids, and how important it is not to threaten us by trying to take our kids away from us.

Yes, I know you guys are fathers, but its just not the same. Mothers are naturally designed to care for kids. Fathers are rough and don't understand children like mothers do.

I think its time that these shared care laws gets changed back to the way things were. I think if you read how badly these laws have affected me you would understand that these laws are simply not good for mothers and their children.

I hope these changes will happen in 2010, and I have been told from a very good authority that these laws will be repealed in full in the first half of this year.

So please don't make a fuss when it happens. Maybe think about the best interests of your children for once.


  1. Perhaps you should lay back on the sofa and wait for your child-support cheque 8)

    Once you realise that women are inferior in each and every aspect of daily life, including child rearing, you will be alot better off.

    As for changing of the current laws, it will be brace politician who attempts to do such a thing.

    If this does occur and results in reduction in the precious time I spend with my children, I will personally make it clear to the whole world that messing with childrens lives at the whim of minority feminist groups is not acceptable and not tolerated.

  2. Fair and open debateJanuary 1, 2010 at 5:36 PM

    And some facts for you

  3. Homicide Stats

    Mothers and Child abuse

    Risk of child abuse

  4. No one is going to believe your anti father rants. My ex tried the same thing and the Family Court ordered that the kids live with me and have no contact whatsoever with their mother.

    Rest assured that now an allergation of sexual abuse has been made the situation will be thoroughly investigated. The damage is already done.

    You will be lucky to get supervised access.

    The court will not be infulenced by your personal beliefs.

    If I were you then I would be looking to mediation. You have absolutley destroyed any chance you had with the Family Court. You have placed yourself at your ex's mercy.

  5. This is the first time I have been here, and the last. You have no idea on the rights of the child or what is in their best interest - I severely doubt Barbara Biggs would approved of your narcissistic personality of me, me, me, ME!

    YOU wouldn't let the children see their father on christmas day? YOU obviously can not see how controlling you are being in that one statement. Did you think of what the kids wanted? Obviously not.

    Withholding the children's right of contact with BOTH parents because of money? This just shows greed and shelfishness. I pity you children.

    "Natural" mother ONLY nurturing? You are delusional and overstate your own self-importance. With seahorses, the mother leaves the father to the child rearing as do a few other species of animals. In most other species the family stays intact for the protection of the father. In the species that do not fall into any of the above, it is the mother that eats the father and sometimes some of the children (the closest to your actions).

    In my case, I had to give up work because my children's mother did NOT know how to care for the kids - she'd never had contact with kids or ever been taught. In the case of my 12yo daughter, it was me, her father, that she came to scared when she had her first period - she didn't want to talk to her mother or anyone else. A few weeks ago when I found out her mother had "put her on the pill", I asked her questions to find out if she had been told everything she should know about it - she hadn't.
    There are good and bad parents in both genders who only need more education. My eldest is over 21 and I believe I still have alot more to learn, even though i'd probably know more about parenting than you and alot of other mothers do.

    As for the current laws being repealed, you have been listening (baa!!!) to too many feminist agitators who only have their own delusional self-importance to look to and fool themselves with wishful thinking of truck loads of "money for nothing" because they can breed.

    When will you people learn that it isn't about father's rights or mother's rights, BUT about the rights of the child to have a meaningful relationship with BOTH parents.

    Oh, almost forgot to call you a liar too. Your statement about people sending you emails from "dadsontheair" website is a very obvious lie - the site has no email capability - only personal messaging, for which you would need to be a member. So, there is no way you could be sent an email from any member of the site, to this site.

  6. "I hope you can see how mother's feel about their kids, and how important it is not to threaten us by trying to take our kids away from us."

    It's that what you are doing?

  7. I fail to see how someone so utterly selfish could be a good parent.