Monday, December 28, 2009

Postings from fathers

I have recently been getting some posts from fathers.

If you guys are reading this, then why is it that you want to steal children from their mothers?

My ex only cares about spending time with his kids. He doesn't care what this is doing to me. He is totally selfish.

Please think about what you men are doing. These shard care laws are really bad. They are separating something that is natural. Children belong with their mothers.

A child spending time with their father, especially if she is a girl, IS JUST NOT NATURAL.

Get over it. Move on with your life and leave us poor mothers alone.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Xmas day

My ex was begging me to see the kids on Xmas day. I said No!

He even went to my parent's place and cried.

At the end of the day it is my right to decide what is best for my kids, and I truly believe that he sexually abused my son. Imagine what he could do to my daughter if he was alone wit her.

I didn't do anything wrong. Its a mother's instinct and experts have agreed with me. I have seen so many videos on youtube of amzing mother's that have lost their kids to child molesters, because family law in this country in anti-mother.

I didn't do anything wrong. I was brave to do what I did.

Barbara Biggs

Just to let you know that I got in touch with Barbara Biggs and she said I should immediately stop all contact for the father because this is definitely a case of child sexual abuse.

I knew it was but no one else believed me. Everyone accused me of lying, even my parents.

This will wipe the smile off my ex's face. No one will mess with me and get away with it!