Sunday, December 27, 2009

Barbara Biggs

Just to let you know that I got in touch with Barbara Biggs and she said I should immediately stop all contact for the father because this is definitely a case of child sexual abuse.

I knew it was but no one else believed me. Everyone accused me of lying, even my parents.

This will wipe the smile off my ex's face. No one will mess with me and get away with it!


  1. Wasn't it Barbara Biggs mother who placed her in an unsafe environment?

    Didn't Barbara Biggs admit to being a prostitute?

    Such a great role model there!!

  2. I hope you get jail time for lying about sexual abuse of a minor.

  3. You are relying on advice from Barbara Biggs?

    Girl, she will use you and your son for her political agenda and she wouldn't give a toss what it does to your son's mental welfare.

    You are being manipulated!

  4. Are you saying Barbra Biggs was a prostitute?

    If so, what place does she have deciding about our children's welfare?

  5. Read Barbara Biggs' book Michelle, she openly states she was a prostitute, she also says "the more I look at them, the more I hate all men". Obviously a misogynist. Barbara Biggs has also never stepped foot inside a family court. Did she ask Cynthia to take a lie detector and appointments with the WA psych who has worked with peadophiles? That was the proof she demanded of Ken Thompson after Andrew was abducted overseas by his mother! Talk about double standards and gender discrimination.

  6. You are one sicko for accusing someone of such a serious crime. You need your head examing.