Monday, January 11, 2010

My ex has abused me now with Child Support

I have just had a blazing row with my ex on the phone.

I just realised that last Friday, unlike what he has been doing since we separated, he did not pay me the right amount of money for my child support.

I am raising two children and I need at least $400 a week to do it. I don't work as I am a committed full-time mother, and $200 is simply a joke. Because I am committed to my kids does not mean that he can rip me off. Its my money not his, as I spend it on his kids.

I gave him a piece of my mind on the phone and told him that if I don't get the $200 he owes me by next Friday, then I will not let him talk to the kids on the phone anymore. He claimed that I am not paying rent so it evens out, but what kind of logic is that? I have the kids so its my house now, so rent has nothing to do with it.

I think he is trying to pressure me to let him see the kids again, but why should I? If I do then he will simply use that as an excuse to reduce my child support.

Its just not fair. Fathers have all the power and mothers have no power at all. He is being so malicious to me, and nobody will help me.

He told me that if I didn't like it that I should apply to the Child Support Agency to assess us. This is obviously a trick that I will not fall in to.

He is wrong if he thinks he can push me around.

I know if I go to my parents for help they will start supporting my ex again, just like they always do. I feel so sorry for all women who are abused like I am on a daily basis by these men who don't care about their kids at all.


  1. You seem to be contradicting yourself in your posts.

    Exactly who seems to be the abuser here?

    Do you not realise that your actions on their own are abusive to both your ex and your children?

  2. Is this about child abuse or child support? I don't think you even really know.

  3. what figure do the Child Support Agency state he has to pay, for two kids 7 and 4, if he is on an average wage, it wont be much more than a couple of hundred a month, sounds like he has been overpaying and you should be grateful, though I suspect this statement says it all "Its my money not his"... It is money provided for the children, It is not your money.

    I put rough figures in the CSA's online estimator and it works out he should be paying you $89 a week if his income is around 45k

  4. Destroy to punish the man. Nice plan you have there genius.

  5. Destroy the kids to punish the man. Nice plan you have there genius.

  6. Wonderful, another woman involved in male genfercide.

  7. You and others like you, are what's wrong with this country. If you can't afford to raise the kids, let him have a go. But that will mean you will have to support yourself, instead of spongeing off your your kids.You are a vile creature, I'm not surprised you can't find an accomplice in crime.

  8. You make my Ex wife and the mother of my child look like a saint, now that is an accomplishment!

  9. "I am raising two children and I need at least $400 a week to do it. I don't work as I am a committed full-time mother"

    Dear me! I'm too good to work even though my children are school age and PROBABLY should be attending school! Boo hoo, woe is me!

  10. "He claimed that I am not paying rent so it evens out, but what kind of logic is that?"

    You're not paying rent? REALLY? You're living on a handout and you're asking for more?

  11. “Fathers have all the power and mothers have no power at all.” you have to be kidding, you can stop the father seeing his children just because you’re upset at him. The problem with Mother is they let there emotions get in the way of reality and what’s best for the children.
    Do you think your children like the idea of not speaking to their father because mummy is a gold digger who is clearly getting paid more than she should be?

    If I was your ex I would get assessed and it will work out cheaper for him.

    I don’t think fathers should have to pay child support when their children are being kept from them due to the mother’s feelings or issues.

    How about you stop posting your personal problems on a blog and get a job or find something better to moan about as there are people worse off in this world.

    Maybe your family side with him because he is right.

  12. You need $400 per week to raise 2 kids? Well if they are are your kids and half your expense what is wrong with him giving you $200 and you paying the other $200?
    Maybe if he is threatening to go to CSA because you are RIPPING HIM OFF?
    Stop using your kids as a cash cow, get a job support yourself and go through the CSA like your suppossed to. Then if he doesn't pay I will sympathise

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  14. You are all getting so worked up. This is almost certainly a troll. Only shame is that this sort of thing is actually plausible

  15. Based on my ex, I doubt she's a troll. My ex has done very similar things (but only went as far as accusing physical abuse, not sexual - unfortunately, her mother is just as bad and supports her in her sponging).

  16. every1 says the mother is a b**** but what about the father I work full time 40-50 hours a week my ex runs his own company making up to 2500 to 5400 a week I make 678.0 a week after tax raise 2 kids on my own and he does not have to pay child support as he doent make enought after he pays his new gildfriends house payments and puts her 3 kids through privite school yet he has all the rights

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  19. Report the case to the court and you will be fine.

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