Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Protests against Shared Care

I saw a news story a few month ago with all these mothers protesting for all the thousands of children that have been murdered in this country by their fathers since these new shared care laws came into effect. I think they lit a candle for every murderded child.

I don't know what John Howard was thinking when he put such a stupid law in place.

I want to protest like these mothers did on tv. I want my ex to know that I am not going to back off and let him get his way.


  1. thousand murdered hey, gee you think that would get action hey, unfortunately the FACT is that in 2006/07 July to June 22 children were murdered. 11 were killed by their mother, 5 by a step father or partner of the mother and 6 by a biological dad. Thats close enough to 75% of child homicides not committed by the father.

  2. And half of those murders were by the mother. Maybe we need to keep our children away from these horrible monsters known as mothers.