Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Really good news!

I got a call today from a family advisor called Kathy. She is from our local Family Relationship Centre.

She told me that my ex had contacted them and asked for mediation.

She called to ask if I would attend.

I told her No! and explained why.

She listened carefully to everything I said and agreed with me. She also complained that the new laws were stuffed and believes that mothers should not be forced into mediation.

But she said that this is the law now and I should go.

I kept on complaining and she gave me some advise, on the hush hush.

She said if I said that I am scared of him or that he has sexually abused the kids, that I DON"T have to go to mediation, and there is nothing he can do about it.

I told her my fears of what he is doing to my son when he is alone with him, and she agreed that I should stop all contact immediately.

She said its better to be safe than sorry. She said if he complained then he can pay to see the boy once a month at a contact centre while being fully supervised.

I just didn't know about this! I thought that even if they were sexually abusing children that you still had to share custody with them.

This is great news. I just wanted to share with everyone in case they are being forced to go to mediation as well.



  1. There is a reason both parties go to mediation, and that is to hear both sides. Your claims that a "mediator" agreed with you, cannot be taken seriously as there was no "mediation", just a one sided story as told to someone in the industry, then re-told as fact.I have dealt with people like yourself, generally the seek out someone near a "professional", tell them a highly exaggerated and embelished story, listen to the parts they like, and tell the whole world that the said "professional" has "told "them to do something.

  2. I'd like to tell you something. You are a paranoid bitch. This man wants to see his children and you are irrationally fearing it, Probably because you want power over him.